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Add some aromatherapy to your spa with spa fragrances that are also salts which invigorate, soften skin and rejuvinate.

Need Hot Tub Parts?
First steps include troubleshooting and narrowing down any problem with your spa. This includes identifying the spa manufacturer, spa model, part manufacturer and type.

In Canada,
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Once it is clear what part you need, then it is usually a simple matter of replacing components to get your spa working again.

As always, any electrical or other type of repairs beyond your ability or expertise should be left to a local spa professional. Other qualfied tradespersons such as plumbers and electricians can also help.

Relax in your hot tub in Canada with some easy reading:
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Hot Tub Spa Canada

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Enjoy Your Hot Tub! Tubbing is FUN and relaxing The Hot Tub Superstore has spa parts in Canada.

Spa Rubber DuckHot Tub Accessories can make our time in the spa more enjoyable.

From quality covers, cover lifters, spa fragrances and skin softners to the famous yellow rubber duckie that just bobs around looking like a yellow rubber duckie!

Hot Tub Repair
Should anything go wrong with your spa, try troubleshooting first. You can buy most any hot tub part online. Find hot tub pumps, electronics and jets for your spa.

If the repair is beyond your expertise, enlist the help of a local hot tub service professional. This site will provide tips for using, maintaining and repairing your hot tub spa.

Hot Tubs are the next best thing to travelHot Tubs are the next best thing to a trip to Hawaii!

Well a hot tub is not time zones away but mere steps from your door; supplying instant relaxation, fun and health benefits. You can use it every day and feel better year round.

Maintaining a hot tub should not be a chore. Following a few simple steps is all that is usually required. We know of a new product being released in 2012 that will make maintaining your spa much easier. Will post here once details are released.

Hot tub parts keep us relaxed by keeping our spa in top shape.

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There are many so called "spa rating websites" on the internet. Some may be puppet sites run by spa dealers or manufacturers, some may be for-profit websites designed to charge spa manufacturers to be listed and ranked accordingly (pay per rating model).

Few are truly objective in their nature without any influence from the highly competitive companies in the hot tub spa business.


With over 100 spa manufacturers in the U.S. alone jostling for position, the stakes are high and the need to present themselves as the best above the rest can create a fiercly competitive environment.

On this site, we will not attempt to rate any brand of hot tub, rather to present the challenges, problems and solutions of hot tub ownership as reported by spa owners themselves.

Five star rated hot tubsFive Stars for Hot Tub Brand X!

"So Bob W. really gave your spa a five star rating. That makes me feel alot better about buying your brand :)"

Let's keep it real - Most manufacturers source their components from the same manufacturers - Balboa, Waterway, Lucite, Aristech etc... In a more dubious fashion, there are several hot tub websites out there that actual charge manufacturers to be listed with a 5 star rating. That my fellow Canadians, is not objective at all, but pay-per-star which only benefits the guy behind the rating website and may even be misinforming consumers as both you and I know there is no way they actually, physically checked out all of those so called five star hot tubs.

So what really makes one type of hot tub better than another? In part it may be workmanship, quality control, consistency, product development, philosophy and improvement, features and above all else packaging and marketing. At the end of the day, something can break on any and every brand name spa.

...and when it does, we will present some solutions and sources for getting the supplies and parts you need to get your spa running again.

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